Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The side garden

Further progress on the side garden today. I planted out 12 white foxgloves and lifted and moved 8 alchemilla mollis from the gravel in front of the house to the edges of the new bed. I also planted out two new hardy geraniums from Crug Farm Plants. Shamefacedly I have to admit that I don't know the varieties as I have had these in pots for about a year and have lost the labels.

The side garden is still looking empty but not quite as desolate as last month. I still have some potted tulips to plant out and some eremurus later in April. I suspect the eremurus will be happier in the other bed. This one is likely to be too shady but I have so many I will give it a go. It is a pain to plant things out in here at the moment. The soil as always here is stony and shallow. I wonder how much of what has gone in will survive.
In the greenhouse I sowed Clary and Orlaya Grandiflora, both hardy annuals. I also sowed some carrots and celeriac in guttering which, perhaps surprisingly, worked well last year.


  1. Oh I have some of those lovely lilac drumhead primulas to go out too, a birthday present and if it wasn't such a horrid day today I would be out digging.
    Nice blog and it is very nice to see that someone else garden is a little bare at the moment too!

  2. Just found this and what a good idea - I started a gardening and weather diary - a proper, paper one - in January but tidied it away in February and now I haven't written anything in it for two months. Oh dear.
    I will follow yours with interest.