Saturday, 21 March 2009

In the greenhouse

Much weeding today and discovering more things that did not survive the winter, this time one of my globe artichokes.
I have also sown beetroot in the greenhouse in guttering and two seedtrays, one of Little Gem and one of mixed salad leaves.
Ian built me another cold frame so now all the foxgloves, the tulips in pots and the eremurus are out of the greenhouse leaving more space for starting vegetables. Ian also sowed some tomatoes which are in the kitchen on the windowsill.


  1. Is it the done thing to comment in someone's diary?

    I'm much impressed by this garden recording - my method to date is relying on an old plant label I've found in the compost to tell me when I planted tomatoes, peppers, peas etc last. Bit shoddy really.

    I shall follow your progress and especially that of the bare new bed.

  2. It absolutely is done to comment mountainear! I would love to read someone's elses too. I have always kept a written garden diary in a haphazard sort of way but I am trying to be more methodical about it and to keep words and pictures together. Let us hope I can keep it up!