Sunday, 15 March 2009

The start of the year


I love snowdrops. We have only the common snowdrop here, galanthus nivalis. I planted five hundred bulbs the first spring we were here. They went nowhere, a tiny trickle of white, drips and drops and puddles when I saw rivulets and streams. In the following February of 2007 I planted another five hundred. This year there are more. For the first time they are bulking up and I intend to split them over the next couple of weeks and spread them further.

I read with interest on VP's gardening blog that she counts her snowdrops so I intend to do a count this year and will put it on here. The side of the drive on the other side of the wall from the compost heaps needs snowdrops so some must go there. The side garden snowdrops also need splitting so that more snowdrops are further away from the wall. A count today (18/03/09) shows 730 snowdrops. This suggests that not everything I planted has taken but what is there now is looking settled and happy.


We have very few crocuses. This is a reminder of where to put some more in come the autumn. I walked with Emma in the Oxford Botanical Gardens on the 6th March and there were pools of glorious pale creams and lilacs as well as the dark purple which we have already. This spot by the lower gate would be perfect for more.

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